Bills release stunning new renderings of their proposed $1.4 billion stadium that’s scheduled to open in 2026

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills haven’t broken ground on their new $1.4 billion stadium just yet, but we do have a better idea of what the building is going to look like after the team released some new renderings Monday. 

Not only did the team release several images of what the outdoor area is going to look like, but the Bills showed several renderings of a bar area that’s expected to be inside the stadium. For the first time, the team also released an image of what the interior bowl is going to look like for someone sitting near the 50-yard line. 

With that in mind, let’s start from the outside of the stadium and work our way in. One of the new renderings shows a few tents outside the stadium, which gives Bills fans an idea of what tailgating might look like at the new building. 

Now, let’s take a look inside the stadium. According to the team, the bar in the new building is tentatively going to be called the Flag Bar and that’s because, well, there’s going to be a lot of flags. 

Bills executive vice president/chief operating officer Ron Raccuia said that putting a spot in the stadium where fans could gather was an absolute must for the team. 

“Western New Yorkers like to gather and they like to be together to celebrate,” Raccuia told The Buffalo News. “You go to an event, everybody stops at the bar first — they don’t go right to their table. You have a house party and no matter how big the house is, everybody is in the same place (of the house). This stadium will be built for people to gather and enjoy Bills football together.”

As you probably noticed, there’s a lot of red and white lighting, and that’s for a reason. 

“When we talk about creating a place for Bills fans who want to live it and breathe it,” Raccuia said. “We want to make sure when you walk in, every person knows you’re at the home of the Buffalo Bills from color to decoration to light.”

You can see several more views of the stadium below. 

This marks the third time that the Bills have released renderings of the stadium. 

The first images were released in October and didn’t show much

The team released several more renderings in February. 

Although the funding for the stadium has been approved, there are still documents that need to be finalized before construction can start, according to The Buffalo News. The 60,000-seat stadium is scheduled to open in the fall of 2026. 

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